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cheap Ray-Bans outlet Stories Analysis

Cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses outlet Stories and the original Project ARIA prototype positioning does not seem to have much deviation, but the difference in shape design.

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According to, Ray-Ban Stories has three frames of frame design, all of which are classic styles of Ray Peng: WayFarer, Round, Meteor.

In terms of decoration, there are 6 classic color frames to choose from. The lenses include transparent, dark green, dark blue, brown options, with more than 20 configuration versions. Among them, the blue version has polarizers, filtering ultraviolet versions, and the transparent version has filtering blue light function. In addition, a prescription lens with vision correction.

Function of cheap ray ban sunglasses

In terms of functionality, Ray-Ban Stories has built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, power supply, dual speakers, dual cameras, three microphones, etc.

The specifications of the camera are 5 million pixels, the maximum camera size is 2592 × 1944 resolution, and the minimum specifications of recording video are 1184 × 1184/30fps. The camera can automatically adjust the brightness of the light, and the photos taken also have a deep effect. From the perspective of effect, it is better than Spectacles. In terms of video, the maximum recording time is 30 seconds.

In taking pictures, Facebook has also made a lot of effort, such as fuzzy treatment of head movement, noise reduction in HDR, low -light environment, and video stability. Facebook also enhances the color through machine learning, processing photos (this step should be completed on the mobile app).


In terms of interaction, there is a physical and button on the right side of the mirror leg. Press the video or record video. At the same time, you can also wake up to take pictures or videos by voice.

There is a touch area on the right side of the mirror leg, which can slide left and right to adjust the volume, and press the song to stop the song, or achieve taking pictures or videos.

At the same time, Ray-Ban Stories has built-in Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth 5.0 module. The built-in storage supports up to 500 photos or more than 30 seconds of 30 seconds. Among them, Bluetooth is used for data transmission, Wi-Fi is used to connect the hot spots of mobile phones, and file export or firmware import update.

In terms of battery life, it is used for about 6 hours, and continuous audio or voice assistants are about 3 hours. The charging box uses a wireless charging, but the charging box needs to connect to the USB C cable. The charging box can be charged 3 times for the glasses. The full charging time is about 70 minutes, and the charging time is full for 3 hours.

Prototype evolution

It is not easy to incorporate so many functions. Facebook said: These great efforts have been spent on Facebook and ESSILORLUXOTTICA teams, and finally iterated after more than 20 versions, only 5G heavier than the original design.

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In fact, camera glasses are even more worrying about privacy. Facebook said: Smart glasses are gradually becoming part of daily life. In the future, we will all have obliged to establish new privacy norms, which is a social policy issue.

Among them, the LED indicator on Ray-Ban Stories is an important symbol. When taking pictures or recording videos, LEDs will often be on to remind external users. This is similar to Spectacles. At the same time, there is also a physical switch that can be completely shut down, so there is no need to worry about taking pictures.

Facebook said: We need to tell people how to use this glasses safely and responsible to protect ourselves and the people around them. There are two guidelines for normal use and abnormal use of glasses.

Of course, at Cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet, it is more about self -discipline, such as public places that are inconvenient to take pictures, such as: doctors’ clinics, locker rooms, religious places, etc.