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cheap Ray-Bans outlet Stories Analysis

Cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses outlet Stories and the original Project ARIA prototype positioning does not seem to have much deviation, but the difference in shape design.

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According to, Ray-Ban Stories has three frames of frame design, all of which are classic styles of Ray Peng: WayFarer, Round, Meteor.

In terms of decoration, there are 6 classic color frames to choose from. The lenses include transparent, dark green, dark blue, brown options, with more than 20 configuration versions. Among them, the blue version has polarizers, filtering ultraviolet versions, and the transparent version has filtering blue light function. In addition, a prescription lens with vision correction.

Function of cheap ray ban sunglasses

In terms of functionality, Ray-Ban Stories has built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, power supply, dual speakers, dual cameras, three microphones, etc.

The specifications of the camera are 5 million pixels, the maximum camera size is 2592 × 1944 resolution, and the minimum specifications of recording video are 1184 × 1184/30fps. The camera can automatically adjust the brightness of the light, and the photos taken also have a deep effect. From the perspective of effect, it is better than Spectacles. In terms of video, the maximum recording time is 30 seconds.

In taking pictures, Facebook has also made a lot of effort, such as fuzzy treatment of head movement, noise reduction in HDR, low -light environment, and video stability. Facebook also enhances the color through machine learning, processing photos (this step should be completed on the mobile app).


In terms of interaction, there is a physical and button on the right side of the mirror leg. Press the video or record video. At the same time, you can also wake up to take pictures or videos by voice.

There is a touch area on the right side of the mirror leg, which can slide left and right to adjust the volume, and press the song to stop the song, or achieve taking pictures or videos.

At the same time, Ray-Ban Stories has built-in Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth 5.0 module. The built-in storage supports up to 500 photos or more than 30 seconds of 30 seconds. Among them, Bluetooth is used for data transmission, Wi-Fi is used to connect the hot spots of mobile phones, and file export or firmware import update.

In terms of battery life, it is used for about 6 hours, and continuous audio or voice assistants are about 3 hours. The charging box uses a wireless charging, but the charging box needs to connect to the USB C cable. The charging box can be charged 3 times for the glasses. The full charging time is about 70 minutes, and the charging time is full for 3 hours.

Prototype evolution

It is not easy to incorporate so many functions. Facebook said: These great efforts have been spent on Facebook and ESSILORLUXOTTICA teams, and finally iterated after more than 20 versions, only 5G heavier than the original design.

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In fact, camera glasses are even more worrying about privacy. Facebook said: Smart glasses are gradually becoming part of daily life. In the future, we will all have obliged to establish new privacy norms, which is a social policy issue.

Among them, the LED indicator on Ray-Ban Stories is an important symbol. When taking pictures or recording videos, LEDs will often be on to remind external users. This is similar to Spectacles. At the same time, there is also a physical switch that can be completely shut down, so there is no need to worry about taking pictures.

Facebook said: We need to tell people how to use this glasses safely and responsible to protect ourselves and the people around them. There are two guidelines for normal use and abnormal use of glasses.

Of course, at Cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet, it is more about self -discipline, such as public places that are inconvenient to take pictures, such as: doctors’ clinics, locker rooms, religious places, etc.

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How to choose myopia glasses?

Many friends have myopia and ultraviolet protection needs. Friends who encounter this situation can first determine their myopia. As long as myopia+astigmatism does not exceed 600 degrees, you can customize Ray Ban myopia glasses optical lenses. More than 450 degrees, such as pilot funds.

myopia glasses


fake Ray Ban sunglasses custom lens has the following major characteristics:

1. Filter blue light: reduce the blue -purple light from digital equipment

2. UV filter protection helps to filter ultraviolet rays on the surface of the mirror surface

3. Hydrophobicity: not easy to dip water, calmly adapt to different environments

4. Reduce glare, reduce glare and interference reflection of eye discomfort

5. The visual field is clearer, the membrane layer is high, and the color is clearer, and the color is more natural

myopia glasses

The frame you like must contain customable money, and the lens is also the product link above. Taking the payment together, the provisional optometry list contains data such as left and right eye numbers, astigmatism, axis position, pupil distance and other data to customer service. It must be necessary It is a prescription mirror list provided by a regular optometry qualification. Take pictures to customer service. The customer service will register for you and start customizing.

Customized lenses are customized by rough processing systems. Multiple processing and processes are required. Generally, the processing time will be 5-7 working days. In addition, the customized product is completed. Many, you need to wait patiently.

Regarding the value of 1.56, 1.59, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, it is the ability index to reflect the lens polytalized light. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens, and the lighter weight. When choosing a lens, we can choose the most suitable lens according to the specific light, frame shape, pupil distance and other data. Generally speaking, if it is more than 300 degrees or more, for the lens to be light and beautiful, at least the lens of 1.60 or 1.67 needs to be selected. If When it reaches 600 degrees, it is recommended to choose a lens of 1.74.

In addition, friends with myopia more than 600 degrees can consult customer service and see if they can still be customized.

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Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Classic Style

Aviator Series:

Aviator aviator sunglasses are one of fake Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses most iconic styles, originating from the classic 1937 model that was designed to protect U.S. military flight officers from the sun’s rays.

fake Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses

1.Aviator Classic:

Aviator Classic sunglasses are a timeless style that combines handsome aviator style with quality, performance and comfort. The fake Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses come with a classic gold frame and a choice of lens colors, including crystal brown, crystal green and G-15 polarized lenses. All Aviator aviator sunglasses are available with a choice of lens combinations, including polarized lenses for enhanced clarity and contrast. You can also find a range of limited editions and personalized styles.

2.Aviator RB3689

A refined reset version of the legendary Aviator aviator with flat temples and perfectly fitted corrective lenses. The double beam style, in metal with polished enamel coating, can be paired with Evolve Evolution lenses or polarized lenses, ensuring that this legendary look will suit everyone’s every requirement.

3.Ray-Ban Caravan

Launched in 1957, the fake Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses have the same smooth lines and geometric silhouette that made the classic Aviator sunglasses so beloved by fans. The Caravan has a square lens and frame profile, unlike the teardrop lenses of the Aviator. Show off your individual style with the Ray-Ban Caravan shimmer lens sunglasses. Available in a variety of colors: Red Sparkle, Purple Sparkle, Mauve Sparkle and Blue Sparkle.

Club master Series:

Another ICON-class figure in the Ray-ban family is the Wayfarer variant, the Club master’s vintage hippie style makes it unique. From the 90’s to the present day Hollywood actors have made the Club master a part of their characters in movies. It is the ultimate in portraying a simple yet sophisticated man.

1.Club master Classic:

RB3016 collection, vintage, timeless, inspired, individual. Inspired by the 50’s, this Club master Classic sunglasses have always been a hit with those future trendy intellectuals of the cultural scene. The iconic Club master Classic sunglasses are available in black or brown frames with crystal green lenses. These frames are designed for easy and comfortable wear.

2.Club master Classic Metal:

An update on a vintage classic, offering sleek, contemporary styling and novel all-metal frames with matte or glossy black, glossy Havana tortoiseshell, or white finishes.

Round Series:

The range includes the iconic round model, as well as Frank, Marshall and hexagonal models with edgy retro metal frames. Round sunglasses are available in a variety of frame and lens combinations. These include metal, nylon or acetate frames and are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Solid, gradient and Evolve lenses, as well as polarized lenses for enhanced visual clarity and contrast.

Round Metal Legend:

Fake Ray Ban, round retro metal sunglasses, a look worn by legendary musicians and inspired by the counter-culture of the 1960s when the style first emerged. Ray-Ban’s unisex metal iconic sunglasses are known for their distinctive round crystal lenses and unique shapes.

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How to correctly wear sunglasses for children

The spring sunshine has begun to some glare. Many parents choose to give the baby wear a Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses when they go out. It can not only reduce the strong sunlight on eye irritation. But also let the baby in the shape of “cool”. But there are a lot of parents are very worried about,whether the baby can wear Fake Ray Ban sunglasses?

Many people think that UV is easy to cause eye damage, so correctly wear sunglasses to reduce the strong sunlight on the eye irritation. Many parents believe that the child’s cornea and the lens than adults “clear”, more vulnerable to UV damage, so some will choose to give their children wear Ray Ban sunglasses. Then the baby can wear Cheap Fake Ray Ban sunglasses? For kids wear good quality Ray Ban sunglasses when the sun glare, but should be enough, too long wearing will cause eye fatigue or even eye damage.

Cheap Ray Bans For Children

correctly wear sunglasses for children
Cheap Ray Bans For Children

Recently, in the street can see many young people in order to “cool” and wearing Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses all day. And more and more parents for children wearing replica Ray Ban sunglasses to dress up. In most cases, the main purpose of people wearing Ray Ban sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays, but may be in the understanding of the existence of “errors.” For example, some people think that since the wearing of Knockoff Ray Bans sunglasses can be anti-UV, then wear the longer, the effect should be better. Some people go out every day wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, even in the room is too lazy to pick. From the point of view of eye health, this habit should be corrected in time.

The children is in a critical period of visual development, requiring clear image stimulation to promote visual development of the eye, correctly wear sunglasses too long or adversely affecting vision development. Colored sunglasses will make people’s eyes in a relatively dim light, the pupil will subconsciously dilated. If the people’s eye for a long time in this state, vision will be degraded.

How to choose

How to choose best cheap Ray Ban sunglasses for children? Parents should be careful when picking sunglasses for children. Some cheap replica Ray Ban sunglasses on the market is not professional lens, some of the poor quality, only focus on the lovely appearance. If you wear a long time will have adverse effects on baby’s eyes. Parents do not buy poor quality sunglasses, should choose the Ray Ban sunglasses at Ray Ban Outlet Store. Our sunglasses with quality guaranteed. Such as optical effect of better polarized lenses, the general use of gray, try to avoid gorgeous colors.

To avoid the child wearing shoddy Cheap Knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses, at the same time, parents should be properly guided. If it is not strong in the ultraviolet environment, it should remind the child in time to take off the sunglasses.

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Choose the right sunglasses

Choose the right sunglasses

Summer is the world of sunglasses. If you try to quickly enhance the shape of the eye, fashion gourd bag must have one or two Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses. What kind of sunglasses suit for yourself, look at the choice between face and sunglasses. Choose the right style, not only in the overall look on the extra points, but also allow the viewer to feel comfortable. Now we have to talk about the tips of Chooseing the right sunglasses.

Choose the right sunglasses

Round face girl need to do is break the whole round of the frame. Round face of the people should not wear round sunglasses, round will only make the face more bloated. In the choice of sunglasses shape should be as obvious as possible, and should choose the framework of thick glasses to create contrast results. At the same time the lens should be selected dark, have a “tight” face visual effects.

Cheap Fake Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Highlight the calm temperament square face, including partial and square side of the face. The Asian side of the square face is too high. This face usually gives the atmosphere stable feeling, so may wish to choose a low profile simple sunglasses to highlight this advantage.

Square face to wear four corners into a soft curve of the round sunglasses. The box side to be bold, can show bold lines; narrow edge and exquisite sunglasses match with square face, will appear particularly small and disproportionate. Recommended glasses: Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

Heart-shaped face should wear lightweight and polygonal sunglasses, frame width to no more than the temple is appropriate, and face contours with each other. The lens should use lighter colors to reduce the weight above the face. Recommended glasses: Ray Ban Round sunglasses

Cheap Ray Ban Round Sunglasses Sale

Experienced people know that lightweight sunglasses can bring a comfortable wearing experience. According to different functions, sunglasses on the Ray Ban Outlet can generally be divided into ordinary sunglasses (shades, progressive sunglasses or light-colored sunglasses) and Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses. Among them, progressive sunglasses are rich in colors and styles. And they are suitable for use with all kinds of clothing; polarizers have the function of polarizing light. It effectively filtering harmful light in the beam, without affecting the clear and natural vision of visible light. Polarized lenses are often used as sunglasses for special purposes. Such as day driving, outdoor fishing, mountain climbing, sailing, surfing, etc.

You can buy it at Ray Bans sale, according to the function of different sub-categories. Now hot sales Ray Ban polarized sunglasses with high-quality anti-ultraviolet function. It can be used to wear a driving mirror, according to the principle of light polarization carefully manufactured, effective filter glare. In the details of the Department of quality, fashion is the essential with a single product.

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Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses maintenance skills

The Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses legs easily deformed, the lens prone to scratches and other issues, has always been a lot of Ray-Ban lovers in the hearts of distress. However, these problems can actually maintained by some small habits can be effectively resolved, but many friends feel trouble and not to implement it, long and long nature can not be a sunglasses maintenance to form a habit, so most of the friends of the Knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses will So easy to damage. Thus, let us take a look at simple and easy to remember sunglasses picking and maintenance skills.

Whether it is Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses or Ray-Ban eyeglasses, in the ordinary picking process , it will cause a lot of subtle damage to the frame, such as single-handed pick sunglasses is a lot of people’s habits, for a long time is easy to cause deformation of sunglasses loose. It should be to develop both hands to seize the mirror legs, face off the sunglasses off the habit. Both ways to pick sunglasses are not troublesome, but the latter is obvious better than the former on the protection of sunglasses.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses maintenance skills

sunglasses picking and maintenance skills

When take off the replica Ray Ban sunglasses, many people on the fold legs is not concerned. And the wrong folding sequence will lead to serious deformation of the sunglasses frame. The correct folding sequence should be the first to put away the left side of the legs.

In addition there are many friends take off Ray Ban sunglasses, no measures will be free to put away. It is a major factor leading to wear cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses. The correct approach should be wiped with a dust cloth after the package, or dust bag. The lens placed up in the mirror box, the mirror box do not place any other sharp or hard objects. So as not to scratch the lens frame.

Finally, Ray Ban sunglasses are easily stained with dust and grease, will lead to blurred vision. Thus, many friends in order to save trouble, will be free to use your fingers or paper towels to wipe. It is very easy to cause sunglasses lens scarred. The correct approach should be to use a soft cloth (preferably a special cleaning cloth) to wipe the dirt on the lens. If there is gravel attached to the lens, first with cold water rinse, and then dry cloth, should not use your fingers to pull.

Some Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses maintenance skills

1, do not put Ray Ban sunglasses for a long time in the water soaked, sun exposure;

2, to avoid the Ray Ban sunglasses on the high temperature environment. The high temperature will lead to serious deformation of the frame. And the impact of sunglasses lens on the light of the protective effect. The common mistake is to put the sunglasses near the car dashboard;

3, sunglasses in the absence of any protective measures, not directly into the handbag. It is very easy to lead to sunglasses were scratched.

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The authentic or fake Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban Outlet

The Ray Ban which as the top manufacturing of industry leading industry sunglasses, which is worthy of its name.

However, there are so many replica sunglasses are flooded with lots of fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Now, let me tell you the authentic or fake sunglasses.

authentic or fake Ray Ban sunglasses

For the one hand, telling appearance. It’s the first step when we choose Ran Ban sunglasses. But if we just look at it with a cursory way, maybe we can’t tell their authentic or fake. So we must look at them in detail.If you are a careful man, you will find there is a clear word of Ray Ban on the right side of this sunglasses.

On the contrary, the fake one is quite different from original. Because it’s more dim than the true one. And it’s color are more darker,too. So does the word of Ray Ban on its frame,especial for the “N”.

Authentic or Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

In addition to this, the hidden printing and the word of “RB”are also different.

The next, the frame and its workmanship. You must clear to know that colored glasses, including black one, will be fade, and not silver gun color. Of course, you can look at if it’s symmetrical of its welding seam and natural. And whether the lens and frame are fit. The most important is that if it’s shaking of the Ray Ban sunglasses.

For the one hand,lens. If it’s a polarize,there will be a word of “Ray Ban”. Some will have stickers of “p”. For example,all of the series of Ray Ban 3025 are tempered glass lens. You can know it easily by its weight. Of course, you can also flip it because its resin is plastic that are very light.

Another,the contrast of bar code. You can find that if it’s authentic Ray Ban sunglasses, which have clear bar code and its printing are more clear. As for the fake one,you can tell them in a simple way. Because there isn’t have bar code and library code. Even worse, they don’t know their logo clearly. But in fact, you can image that if there isn’t bar code, will it the authentic Ray Ban sunglasses? Of course, it’s not!

Finally, all the common polarized sunglasses are resin. So if you buy a pair of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses, it will be fake if it’s not made from glass. But it must be authentic if it’s made from glasses. Because this is the problem of a cost and manufacturing process. If you want to buy cheap knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses Online, you mustn’t fool treat the polarize sunglasses are more expensive than the not polarizing one. You must know that the resin are more cheaper than glass! Only the authentic Ray Ban polarized sunglasses are expensive than not polarizing one. Because all the authentic are made from toughened glass.


As a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that as a household name, which have more and more fake Ray Ban sunglasses sale in the market. And the imitation means are more and more upgrade. To be honest, it’s not real tell them. But now,do you get it? Get the best cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses at Ray Ban Outlet Online.

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The collocation of cheap Ray Bans with costumes

As is known to all the Ray Ban sunglasses is a single products. Whatever you have a simple clothes and just wear a modern sunglasses, you can stand out easily. Then, how could you match your costumes with the collocation of cheap Ray Bans? Now, let us see the fashion insiders how to match them well!

collocation of cheap Ray Bans

Look! Many people don’t know how to wear the classical and tortoiseshell glasses. They will feel it’s very different to match them. But in another way,they are very retro and nerdy. And if you want to become the handsome or beautiful, it’s real a different things. In our daily life, we can also wear the tortoiseshell and match the nine part edge jeans and a plaid shirt. I am sure that you must be have the costumes in your wardrobe. Even more,you can also wear a bowler hat.

Besides that, the harmony with the type, and decorative effect is also very nice.

Harmonious collocation.

This type are more suit for the common people. The only you can do is just keep the same color of your Ray Ban sunglasses with your clothes. For example, you can wear the cold clothes with cold frame. On the contrary, you can wear the warm color with warm frame. But if you think it’s too monotonous, you can wear slight figure, but in coordination with the clothing color pattern frame, such as leopard and print color pattern frame. As long as the contrast is small, it seems that the overall harmony, unity on it.

Decorative effect type.

On the basis of the overall clothing collocation, you can even make the cheap Ray Bans as your small decoration. Maybe the color effect can be stronger, which have the effect of making a finishing point. In addition to this, It also requires the wearer to have a certain degree of artistic accomplishment and appreciation. And they shouldn’t just for trend.

Yeah, maybe you must know it’s a all match color of the black one. And it’s suitable for all kinds of faces. Though the mens glasses are not as rich as girls, they still have rich colors to choose. Especial leopard, which is often used in women’s decorative colors are also used in mens glasses, which is so unique. The same dark blue and red and then add its transparent texture, which is not a bit tacky.

Generally speaking, there is no any taboo by wearing a pair of black fake Ray Bans sunglasses when it comes to its dressing. But if you prefer the rich color sunglasses, you’s better to wear it that has a certain color echoes with body. For example,many men will choose the gray or black Ray Ban sunglasses and illuminate their whole model.

As is known to all, wearing a pair of Ray Ban had become a popular vogue and a sign.It stands for temperature, smart and handsome. And in the coming of summer, the handsome boys and beautiful girls can select correct collocation of cheap Ray Bans according to their dressing style. Buying cheap Ray Ban sunglasses can make you more brilliant and substantial. Buy one at cheap Ray Ban Outlet Store Online:

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Step on the tail of spring and choose a pair of cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for yourself

The cheap ray bans sunglasses is my favorite fashion accessory, choose a cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for yourself. It can block the sun, snow day can prevent reflection, if you can’t sleep well you can use the ray ban sunglasses to cover the dark circles…all year round, sunglasses can come in handy. This diary I will simply talk about my favorite several classic ray ban sunglasses style. It combined with 2022 fashion trends, to recommend some of this year’s popular sunglasses.

As the sunglasses are too common and are related to vision, I would recommend buying some good quality of ray ban sunglasses as much as possible: good quality glasses can be worn for years, and they don’t look cheap. An exception may be trendy but not so daily all-match cheap ray ban sunglasses. If you really love, you can buy Photo wearing.

My first pair of sunglasses is Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.

cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for yourself

Ray Ban Aviator can be traced back to 1936, the initial role is to help pilots in the high altitude is not affected by glare.

Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are very modified on the face of vision, which appear to be a slap in the face and a pointed chin. Can be called the necessary basic sunglasses. Boys and girls can wear, and lovers can wear a couple of models.

I chose the color of the aviators gradient, and directly with myopic lenses. So it’s very convenient to go out and buy food, skateboard, and so on.

Ray-Ban Aviator glasses are very colorful in color and style. In addition to the classic models, there are different faces for the Round / Square Aviators, the framework of the more prominent High Street Aviators, super-face small Oversized Aviators and so on.

In addition to matching the classic degree of myopia, I also have a pair of fake Ray Bans blue mirror High Street Aviators, is a special summer glasses. Whether I go to the beach or the pool, I will wear it.

Ray Ban outlet are also keen to introduce an endless stream of pilots. I think everyone can find the most suitable aviator sunglasses. So if you want to buy a pair of simple but practical all-match glasses can be assured of.

All kinds of colors, all kinds of cat eye glasses still dominate the T station and street shooting:

The frame of cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for yourself is very special, and the whole series of lenses have a lot of color to choose, and more for the light. As the sweet glasses salesman would say: you have so beautiful eyes that you should be proud to reveal.

– bright colors –

And encrusted pattern and frilly children of small skirts echoes, ray ban sunglasses are also naturally colorful up. Spring and summer show field on the yellow, blue, green these bright colors also jumped on the lens.

Face and glasses

Basically, avoid weaknesses, so neutral: if the edges and corners of the face. Trying to choose a soft round frame glasses, and round face was selected square glasses. If you need more suggestions, please ask me in the comments

Of course, this is only a basic reference. To buy the most heart of the sunglasses, of course, still be patient to try to wear. Wish you can find the sunset of the sunglasses, spent a cool and beautiful summer!

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Ray Ban Sunglasses is worn by your idols!

Shop cheap Ray Ban sunglasses online at ! Ray Ban Outlet offers cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses for your idols, Ray Ban Aviator, Ray Bans Wayfarer, Ray Bans Clubmaster and Cats with Wholesale Price Free Shipping.  Get Ray Ban special offers and Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 !

Ray Ban Sunglasses is worn by your idols

Ray Ban is worn by your idols!

Aha, Seeing a drama you will be have a husband, but also you will store a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses! It is true that the《Descendants of the sun》hot,everyone will buy the replica Ray Ban sunglasses in this drama of the hero!

Another, from the drama of 《The Heirs》and《Legend Of The Blue Sea》,there are colorful cheap Ray Ban sunglasses in there. I want to say that the fans will change sunglasses again! As their idols change,they also change sunglasses. Aha,it is real a wonderful trend!

Look,the talent cheats put on “uniform temptation”, and Ray Ban aviator metal glasses match that is just right. The high cold captain style has attracted countless young girls’ scream. The style of these aviator sunglasses is now hot in the major brands, including Ray-Ban brand.

Following,the hero of 《The Heirs》wore a pair of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses that was really stay adorable temperament interpretation to the extreme. Do you see this for the first time of the handsome hero?

The star had different models in drama. The Korean production company said: “Hero is a variety of transformation master, can deduce any professional figure. And his every appearance will bring a new image, with countless changes charm .”

In addition to this, the new drama “lonely and brilliant God ghost” of Korean TVN TV shows gentleman photos of hero. Especial for that retro Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

Yes,it is the Ray Ban sunglasses that were combined with metal and board. The classic pilot shape with perfect restore modern pioneers bold deconstruction of the classic attitude of the new!

In the drama,the hero was very aggressive with this sunglasses! However, it is not only hot in Korean,but also in China. The cheap knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses was understated and add the trench coat that was real perfect! In any case, the play has nothing to do with the value, the plot, and even the scene.

Ray Ban Sunglasses for your idols

I am here to said the replica Ray Ban sunglasses UK. Its design is more popular and personal. It can very easy to standout their own different beauty. In color, it uses the more vivid and exaggerated ways and make people love. It will show the new brand positioning, which service for the public!

Look, your idols love to shape their character with Ray Ban sunglasses! If you want to change your own image,too. Hurry up to get one at Ray Ban Outlet Online Store!