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The authentic or fake Ray Ban sunglasses

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The Ray Ban which as the top manufacturing of industry leading industry sunglasses, which is worthy of its name.

However, there are so many replica sunglasses are flooded with lots of fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Now, let me tell you the authentic or fake sunglasses.

authentic or fake Ray Ban sunglasses

For the one hand, telling appearance. It’s the first step when we choose Ran Ban sunglasses. But if we just look at it with a cursory way, maybe we can’t tell their authentic or fake. So we must look at them in detail.If you are a careful man, you will find there is a clear word of Ray Ban on the right side of this sunglasses.

On the contrary, the fake one is quite different from original. Because it’s more dim than the true one. And it’s color are more darker,too. So does the word of Ray Ban on its frame,especial for the “N”.

Authentic or Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

In addition to this, the hidden printing and the word of “RB”are also different.

The next, the frame and its workmanship. You must clear to know that colored glasses, including black one, will be fade, and not silver gun color. Of course, you can look at if it’s symmetrical of its welding seam and natural. And whether the lens and frame are fit. The most important is that if it’s shaking of the Ray Ban sunglasses.

For the one hand,lens. If it’s a polarize,there will be a word of “Ray Ban”. Some will have stickers of “p”. For example,all of the series of Ray Ban 3025 are tempered glass lens. You can know it easily by its weight. Of course, you can also flip it because its resin is plastic that are very light.

Another,the contrast of bar code. You can find that if it’s authentic Ray Ban sunglasses, which have clear bar code and its printing are more clear. As for the fake one,you can tell them in a simple way. Because there isn’t have bar code and library code. Even worse, they don’t know their logo clearly. But in fact, you can image that if there isn’t bar code, will it the authentic Ray Ban sunglasses? Of course, it’s not!

Finally, all the common polarized sunglasses are resin. So if you buy a pair of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses, it will be fake if it’s not made from glass. But it must be authentic if it’s made from glasses. Because this is the problem of a cost and manufacturing process. If you want to buy cheap knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses Online, you mustn’t fool treat the polarize sunglasses are more expensive than the not polarizing one. You must know that the resin are more cheaper than glass! Only the authentic Ray Ban polarized sunglasses are expensive than not polarizing one. Because all the authentic are made from toughened glass.


As a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that as a household name, which have more and more fake Ray Ban sunglasses sale in the market. And the imitation means are more and more upgrade. To be honest, it’s not real tell them. But now,do you get it? Get the best cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses at Ray Ban Outlet Online.