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How to choose myopia glasses?

Many friends have myopia and ultraviolet protection needs. Friends who encounter this situation can first determine their myopia. As long as myopia+astigmatism does not exceed 600 degrees, you can customize Ray Ban myopia glasses optical lenses. More than 450 degrees, such as pilot funds.

myopia glasses


fake Ray Ban sunglasses custom lens has the following major characteristics:

1. Filter blue light: reduce the blue -purple light from digital equipment

2. UV filter protection helps to filter ultraviolet rays on the surface of the mirror surface

3. Hydrophobicity: not easy to dip water, calmly adapt to different environments

4. Reduce glare, reduce glare and interference reflection of eye discomfort

5. The visual field is clearer, the membrane layer is high, and the color is clearer, and the color is more natural

myopia glasses

The frame you like must contain customable money, and the lens is also the product link above. Taking the payment together, the provisional optometry list contains data such as left and right eye numbers, astigmatism, axis position, pupil distance and other data to customer service. It must be necessary It is a prescription mirror list provided by a regular optometry qualification. Take pictures to customer service. The customer service will register for you and start customizing.

Customized lenses are customized by rough processing systems. Multiple processing and processes are required. Generally, the processing time will be 5-7 working days. In addition, the customized product is completed. Many, you need to wait patiently.

Regarding the value of 1.56, 1.59, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, it is the ability index to reflect the lens polytalized light. The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens, and the lighter weight. When choosing a lens, we can choose the most suitable lens according to the specific light, frame shape, pupil distance and other data. Generally speaking, if it is more than 300 degrees or more, for the lens to be light and beautiful, at least the lens of 1.60 or 1.67 needs to be selected. If When it reaches 600 degrees, it is recommended to choose a lens of 1.74.

In addition, friends with myopia more than 600 degrees can consult customer service and see if they can still be customized.

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The authentic or fake Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban Outlet

The Ray Ban which as the top manufacturing of industry leading industry sunglasses, which is worthy of its name.

However, there are so many replica sunglasses are flooded with lots of fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Now, let me tell you the authentic or fake sunglasses.

authentic or fake Ray Ban sunglasses

For the one hand, telling appearance. It’s the first step when we choose Ran Ban sunglasses. But if we just look at it with a cursory way, maybe we can’t tell their authentic or fake. So we must look at them in detail.If you are a careful man, you will find there is a clear word of Ray Ban on the right side of this sunglasses.

On the contrary, the fake one is quite different from original. Because it’s more dim than the true one. And it’s color are more darker,too. So does the word of Ray Ban on its frame,especial for the “N”.

Authentic or Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

In addition to this, the hidden printing and the word of “RB”are also different.

The next, the frame and its workmanship. You must clear to know that colored glasses, including black one, will be fade, and not silver gun color. Of course, you can look at if it’s symmetrical of its welding seam and natural. And whether the lens and frame are fit. The most important is that if it’s shaking of the Ray Ban sunglasses.

For the one hand,lens. If it’s a polarize,there will be a word of “Ray Ban”. Some will have stickers of “p”. For example,all of the series of Ray Ban 3025 are tempered glass lens. You can know it easily by its weight. Of course, you can also flip it because its resin is plastic that are very light.

Another,the contrast of bar code. You can find that if it’s authentic Ray Ban sunglasses, which have clear bar code and its printing are more clear. As for the fake one,you can tell them in a simple way. Because there isn’t have bar code and library code. Even worse, they don’t know their logo clearly. But in fact, you can image that if there isn’t bar code, will it the authentic Ray Ban sunglasses? Of course, it’s not!

Finally, all the common polarized sunglasses are resin. So if you buy a pair of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses, it will be fake if it’s not made from glass. But it must be authentic if it’s made from glasses. Because this is the problem of a cost and manufacturing process. If you want to buy cheap knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses Online, you mustn’t fool treat the polarize sunglasses are more expensive than the not polarizing one. You must know that the resin are more cheaper than glass! Only the authentic Ray Ban polarized sunglasses are expensive than not polarizing one. Because all the authentic are made from toughened glass.


As a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that as a household name, which have more and more fake Ray Ban sunglasses sale in the market. And the imitation means are more and more upgrade. To be honest, it’s not real tell them. But now,do you get it? Get the best cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses at Ray Ban Outlet Online.

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You are cool enough to show your Ray Ban sunglasses

It’s not only a patent for the ladies. All kinds of male stars are also wearing stylish Ray Ban sunglasses to play the street racket walk show. I immediately with the small series to see actor who are to show what fashionable men Ray Ban polarized sunglasses.

Ray Ban sunglasses are cool

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses-durable and useful, which is never out of date.You can wear a street show that will be more artistic. The ultra-black classic aviator polarizing sunglasses carry a large bag of classic lattice scarves. Classic lattice scarves, radiation-proof glasses brand, which must be the most attractive street appearance, low and not publicity of the big wind.

You can wear casual street with cheap Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses and aslant package floral scarf. One of these three big accessories can ‘ t be too small. To create a small street casual fresh style, which is very affinity. You can wear a business casual suit and a sudden color of aviator polarizing sunglasses. The super – large hand is so handsome that you can’t have two kinds of accessories. aviatorv Polaroid sunglasses large handbag, the deployment of cool style very full of leather clothes, more visible man sunshine without losing the taste of firmness, cool and handsome.

The Ray Ban is not only a special design,but also a meaning of lucky that is just as it brought to him by its designers. Now, the RB brand is frequently exposed in the everyday collocation of Zionist. When you wear fake ray bans, you will build a natural barrier with the world around us. cheap Ray Ban sunglasses make you invisible, but do not prevent you from observing others. As “the accessories in the eyes”, the cheap fake ray ban sunglasses make the wearer feel safe. Yeah, you can wear the cheap replica Ray Ban sunglasses by your own needs.

Yes, over the years, the source of this cheap Ray Ban sunglasses has been the focus that merchants have avoided. We all know that since the first listing of hikers in 1952, a lot of similar designs appear on the world. It is obviously inspired by the hikers, the fake Ray Ban sunglasses was particularly strong in 60s. Now, when it comes to this brand,almost every people know them.

Finally, Let me come to a conclusion of the Men’s Ray Ban sunglasses are cool:

The sunglasses of the cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are the understated and steady, the most suitable for the business occasion.

Large black box Sunglasses most mystery, which is the most suitable to create the most cool handsome appearance. Female stars street pat Sunglasses show: Wearing this replica Ray Ban sunglasses must can hold all occasions by yourself. At the moment, I believe that Ray-Ban must be your love! If you like, welcome to buy it!

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Stars love! You need a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses!

Cheap Ray Bans, which probably the most popular sunglasses worn by the stars. Almost every type of this brand was worn by them. I’ve also collected for you a few of the following Fake Ray Ban sunglasses that the stars love. They have a domestic star and a foreign star. Even the president of the United States, Obama, is wearing a Ray-Ban. Do you want to know who else is there, look down!

Cheap Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses for Stars love

Ray Ban is the symbol of American culture. Blocking glare is the essence of these sunglasses. In the first half of twentieth Century, wearing a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses is acting royalty like Gary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, are its fan. There are many types of Ray Ban sunglasses sale, such as wayfarer type red box, white box and black box turtle. Yeah, different Ray Ban sunglasses have different effects on their face. You can wear formal casual clothes and appear in a variety of occasions.

Ray Ban sunglasses for Stars love

For example, Tom Cerise wore a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses stonily one film that popular all over the world and set off a Ray-Ban sunglasses. The eternal design, the simple style and the quality style have undoubtedly become the important element of the Ray-Ban brand that has been a long time after 70 years.

Look again, The descendants of the Great Heat Korean TV show that hero became a national idol, the most eye – nourishing screen in the spring. Many fans are all crazy for them. So the sunglasses that the hero used become a fashion darling. We’ve introduced it before, and today we’re going to introduce his favorite, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. If you like the pilot sunglasses, maybe you can have a look online.

As a matter of fact,this is the Ray-Ban’s bursting product, the Ray Ban aviator RB3025 is the classic Ray-Ban series and 3025 is its classic model. As we all know that Ray Ban have exquisite workmanship and there is no optical deviation of the lens. Wearing them, you will not cause eye fatigue, headache and fatigue.And they are sought after by many stars. The classic RB3025 sunglasses in Ray Ban aviator series feature Arabist metal frames, light weight, good elasticity and dark green lenses, 58mm wide and 135mm leg length, which is suitable for most men and women.

Many people are entangled in the light of sunglasses or not, in fact, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses tend to be more important if they are often driving. If you are just pursuing for the famous brand and don’t care about their quality, you are wrong! I think you are more suitable for the The cheap Ray Ban aviator sunglasses!

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The guidance of Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses has always been a leader in high-end glasses, which is the pronouns of fashion and fashion. It’s a perfect combination of fashion,practicality and the representative of good Industrial Design and excellent Manufacturing Technology. Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses sale series and variety. The guidance of Ray Ban sunglasses is very complex when you are do some shopping.

The guidance of Ray Ban sunglasses

Next,I will talk about Cheap Fake Ray Ban all aspects of shape, material, lens and mirror frame size, material, etc. And I will provide consumers with detailed purchase guidelines and ways to identify genuine and fake Ray Ban sunglasses for you. Let consumers make a rational choice on the basis of a full understanding of the Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Firstly: Ray-Ban Product Classification

Aviator: It is the classic style of 1937.

Wayfarer: It is the most iconic sunglasses.

Clubmaster : It ‘ s the distortion of Wayfarer , the exquisite icon of the party .

Justin: It always prepare for youth,fashion for you!Bright translucent color frame, stunning lenses and rubber treatments make Justin bold, which is interesting and truly avant-garde.

The series of Erika: You must be have vintage wind , over sized round lens and soft key – hole nose bridge to add a curve to this sunglasses , while can perfectly modifying the face.

Secondly: According to the lens, it can be divided into the following four categories:

Classic lens series : divided into G – 15 green lens and B – 15 tea color lens. The G-15 green lens absorbs 85% of the visible light and blocks most of the blue light. It can Ensure better visual clarity and significant color contrast, and provide more “natural eyesight”. I am sure to you that have also have the high top quality.

Thirdly: According to the material of the mirror frame, it can be divided into three kinds of mirror frame, the metal frame, the acetate fiber and the nylon material.

About the frames:Ray Ban have three kinds of frames: metal frame, acetate frame and nylon frame.A metal frame, relatively strong, with an adjustable nose pad can perfectly fit the temples, cheeks and nose. The acetate fiber frame and the nylon mirror are comparatively light and comfortable. It is said that it is a special design for Asian people. Of course, the consumers can choose the sunglasses by themselves.

Fourthly: About its sizes, there are many kinds of Fake Ray Ban sunglasses.

For example, the RB3026 series turns to a man with a big face, while the RB3044 series is a small size. When the consumer buys, it must be purchased in accordance with its own actual conditions, especially for its number of codes.

With more than one the guidance of Ray Ban sunglasses. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of Ray Ban. And every type of Ray Bans has its own style. You can buy what you love!

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The eternal classic charm and the modern Ray Ban!

If you want to know which sunglasses brand is good, do not know how to choose the sunglasses brand. Just take a look at the latest introduction of the new ray ban lens it. The ray ban outlet release of the new spring and summer charm modern Ray Ban sunglasses short film. Each spring and summer series of Ray Ban that achieves a perfect balance.

Ray Ban sunglasses sale radiate elegant and retro-style optical mirrors, which is to showing the timeless beauty of the years. The classic logo on the leg of the mirror is like a finishing touch, which is also the symbol of the eternal charm of the brand.

It reflects the design of the brand aesthetic concept fully.

The sunglasses are available in Tokyo tortoiseshell frame and golden mirror leg, metal black marble frame with silver mirror legs. The frame lines of fake Ray Ban sunglasses extend to the legs in a smooth, seamless way, with a slender circular metal frame and a unique foot-cover design, which light as a feather and so modern. This design perfectly balances the city’s elegant style and fashion attitude, which is to blooming sparks of jumping inspiration.

fake Ray Ban sunglasses
fake Ray Ban sunglasses

You can choose gold frame with gold mirror lens, rose gold frame with rose gold lens. From dynamic to glamorous, a pair of best cheap ray ban sunglasses meet your desire to change your image instantly. Another, you can choose gradients and Grey frames with gradients of green gray lenses. Ray Ban cats sunglasses are permeated with the timeless elegance of the years, and the noble and luxurious elements of amorous feelings. Shiny plastic frame, sunglasses legs with embossed pendant full of charm, which metal texture and custom style laminates form a clever contrast.

the design inspiration of ray ban sunglasses

What’s more, the design inspiration of this series of ray ban sunglasses combines feminine charm and delicate sensitivity, purity and precision, power and impact, and gives it a perfect deduction. In the major sunglasses brands have to play tricks, the charm modern Ray Ban sunglasses design series of products by the stars scramble to be the first to endorse the film. And it normally recognized as having a different fashion feel, you’ll be the focus of the public!You will be welcomed by fashion people!

Yeah, the summer is coming. How can we lack such an important piece of ray ban sunglasses! No matter what the talent and appearance, wearing sunglasses in minutes can become a fashion essence. The role of sunglasses can not be underestimated. It can not only help you resist ultraviolet radiation damage to the eye. But it also modify your face , mask the flaws around the eyes. It can improve your attractiveness index. Hurry up to buy the summer launch of Ray Ban sunglasses.

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Love Hepburn, love Ray Ban

I am a movie fan, and if I were to say that the sunglasses in the movie were “the Roman Holiday,” the exhausted Princess Anne, played by Audrey Hepburn. Love Hepburn and love Ray Ban. It would sneak into the public to enjoy the night scene. Ran into Gregory Pike’s newspaper reporter Joe.The princess went to Doe’s house and stayed there.

But the next day Joe discovered the real identity of the princess from a special notice in the newspaper. After the princess left, he decided to shoot an exclusive story, so Joe followed and took many photos of the princess’s life.

The princess did not know about this.In the next with the princess, Joe unconsciously fell in love with the princess. In order to protect the image of the princess, on the one hand abandoned the opportunity of success, Joe can only bear the pain, the photo to the princess. They said goodbye to each other.

It was an afternoon,I saw this movie and knew the Freeborn for the first time. Of course, It was also my first contact with sunglasses, and the first brand recommended was fake Ray Ban sunglasses, too.

From then on, I like the Freeborn who like wearing the most fascinating ladies’ sunglasses, just like the lady sunglasses of Ray Ban , which was called the “clam mirror” in the last century. It was an exaggerated expression that perfectly appeared on Hepburn face. There is no half a sense of discord.Wearing the cheap ray bans,it was not until one day that the meaning of happiness suddenly came to light.

It is so simple that like Hepburn, like sunglasses and like Ray Ban sunglasses.

Then I chose a gift for my sister, and without hesitation I bought this fake Ray Ban sunglasses, the kind that Hepburn brought to us.I send the girlfriend is still best fake Ray Bans, especial when the summer trip, in the girlfriend’s face I seem to see such a scene. Moreover, over 80 years of innovative design, there is a rich variety of styles and stylistic style also make Ray Ban sunglasses my first choice.

If you ask me some question about this brand, I can tell you that this is just like fall in love. When you see your other half, you can love her or him at the first sight!

Do you have your goddess like me, Love Hepburn and love Ray Ban, I like the Hepburn, so I love cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet very much!